Bayside Newark

Bayside Newark, formerly known as "The Dumbarton Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)" is a proposed new neighborhood that will provide a broad range of new housing, retail and business opportunities in Western Newark. A draft of the Specific Plan is available at the link below. An illustrative plan showing the likely configurations of the development is included in the Specific Plan. 

Bayside Newark is to be located next to a proposed commuter rail station near the corner of Willow Street and Enterprise Drive.

The Specific Plan would Steer the development of the 200-acre area towards a truly memorable Community; a livable place where housing, recreation, neighborhood retail center and employment opportunities are integrated. The Neighborhood is envisioned as a contemporary version of a small walkable town, where the automobile can be replaced by walking and biking for access to shopping and recreation.  The community would include shops, parks and open space amenities, including a bayside trail. 

In the proposed design, higher densities of residential development-such as condos-would be located within a quarter-mile radius of the transit station, medium densities-such as townhomes-are located slightly further, and single family dwellings are located farthest from the station. Blocks are generally short and pedestrian-oriented, offering pedestrians many different ways to walk through the neighborhood. The primary traffic circulation would be on a network of streets, primarily one travel lane each direction with bike lanes and parking on both sides of the roadway.  There would be landscaped medians. Traffic control would be accomplished with the use of single lane roundabouts to slow traffic while providing for efficient circulation of cars, bikes, and pedestrians.

Retail stores and shops are concentrated near the transit station at the intersection of Willow Street and Enterprise Blvd. Higher density housing would be adjacent to the retail area and the transit station. Neighborhood parks would be located within the residential areas and a larger community park would be included.  This larger park and would be an amenity for the greater community of Newark as its size allows for the larger programmed picnic areas, gardens, outdoor musical and dramatic performances and open areas for both active and passive recreation. 

The development of a transit oriented development in this area has the potential to provide retail opportunities to existing and future residents; to reduce green house gas emissions, to help in meeting state regional and State housing requirements; to increase transit ridership; and to improve recreational facilities and linkages.

This project and amenities will be developed by private development without cost to the City and the revenue generated would be equal or greater than the cost of providing services.

Please contact Community Development Director, Terrence Grindall at or 510-578-4208 if you have questions about this proposed neighborhood.


Final Approved Documents

Dumbarton TOD - Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report

Dumbarton TOD - Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Report

Dumbarton TOD - Final Environmental Impact Report (Large PDF document)

Dumbarton TOD - Draft Environmental Impact Report (Large PDF document)
Appendices available on request

Dumbarton Specific Plan (Final & Approved) - Large PDF document)


Drafted Documents

Dumbarton Transit Oriented Development Plan (Large PDF document)

Dumbarton TOD - Specific Plan Final Draft   (complete document Large PDF)

Dumbarton TOD - Specific Plan Final Draft in Chapter Format (still some large PDFs):

TOD Final Draft Specific Plan -  Introduction and Table of Contents

TOD Final Draft Specific Plan - Chapter 1 Introduction

TOD Final Draft Specific Plan  - Chapter 2, Planning Principles

TOD Final Draft Specific Plan - Chapter 3, Community Design Strategy

TOD Final Draft Specific Plan - Chapter 4, Form Based Code

TOD Final Draft Specific Plan - Chapter 5, Design Guidelines

TOD Final Draft Specific Plan - Chapter 6, Parks and Open Space

TOD Final Draft Specific Plan - Chapter 7, Circulation

TOD Final Draft Specific Plan - Chapter 8, Infrastructure

TOD Final Draft Specific Plan - Chapter 9, Implementation

TOD Specific Plan - Appendix A, Policies

TOD Specific Plan - Appendix B, GP Amendments

TOD Specific Plan - Appendix C, Glossary


Planning Commission Public Hearing - August 23, 2011

To consider recommendation that the City Council:  (1) certify E-11-25, Final Environmental Impact Report for the Dumbarton Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Specific Plan and (2) adopt GP-11-26, a General Plan Amendment for the Dumbarton Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Specific Plan.

Item E.1 Dumbarton TOD SP

EIR Resolution

Resolution Exhibit A

Resolution Exhibit B

Planning Principles Chapter

FEIR Errata Sheet

SP GPA Resolution

CEQA Findings and Statements of Overriding Consideration

MMRP 811

Comment letter 1

Comment letter 2


Project Planning

In collaboration with landowners, the City of Newark began a planning effort in the fall of 2007 to explore potential development around the planned Newark Dumbarton Rail Station.

The Dumbarton Transit Oriented Development project area (sometimes referred to as “Area Two” ) includes 233 acres of land that has contained various industrial, manufacturing, chemical processing and salt production facilities since the early twentieth century. Much of the land is currently vacant. Zoning for the Plan Area was updated in 1999 with the adoption of the Newark Area Two Specific Plan, which anticipated the construction of a Community College surrounded by multi-level office and R&D buildings. However, after adoption of that Plan, the Community College located elsewhere and the market for office space in South Alameda County diminished. The planned Dumbarton Rail Corridor presents an opportunity to create a vibrant new transit-oriented center in Newark that will provide new housing while generating significant ridership for the Dumbarton Rail Corridor.

In 2008 community meetings and Planning Commission and City Council meetings considered the concept of a Transit Oriented Development in this area. The City received a Grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to study this concept further and implement a specific plan for the area. A community meeting was held on February 10th 2010 to show a land use plan for the area and get community input on the project. This proposal is not directly related to the Train service, but is focuses on developing a new neighborhood around the planned station.

Community Meeting #1, February 10, 2010

Dumbarton Transit Development Presention, February 10, 2010

Dumbarton Transit Development Land Use Plan

For questions please contact -
Terrence Grindall, Community Development Director
(510) 578-4208

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Station Area Specific Plans

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