Specific Plans & Master Plans

The City of Newark is currently working on several exciting long-range planning projects. Projects of this magnitude involve developing different plan alternatives, working with community groups and, most importantly, input from the public. We encourage you to get involved in these projects and provide your input as the projects progress.

NewPark Mall Specific Plan:   The City of Newark is seeking a consultant to prepare a Specific Plan that will guide the transformation of the NewPark Mall area into a vibrant mixed use area. The City has issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) seeking Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) from firms interested in completing this work.

To view the RFQ, click here.  Based on the SOQ a firm will be identified to make a proposal to complete the work. The response deadline is September 6th, 2016.  Electronic submittals are required.

Greater NewPark Masterplan:  The purpose of the Greater NewPark Masterplan is to put in place a community-supported vision for an economically feasible transformation of the mall area that will support the ongoing mall renovation, catalyze and guide new investment, and serve as the framework for future implementing measures. The key elements of the Vision embodied in the Master Plan are:

  • The revitalization of the properties that surround the mall with Hotels, regional serving retail, and modern mixed use development; Improvements in infrastructure, particularly pedestrian and bicycle access and mall entrances.·
  • The potential creation of a “New Park Commons” a place for public events such as farmers markets, craft fairs, and concerts.·
  • The long term transformation of the Mall Loop Road into “NewPark Boulevard” a vibrant corridor marked by dynamic retail, jobs, and housing.

It is important to note that this document is intended as a long term vision- the buildings and roadways that are shown are illustrative and highly conceptual. They have not been proposed by the property owners nor received City approval. Before any such buildings were built, there would be further study, community input, as well as Planning Commission and City Council review. The Master Plan document would be used as a guide to evaluate future proposals to assure the orderly development of the Greater NewPark Mall and to guide its transformation into the premier shopping and entertainment district in the Tri-City area.

Dumbarton Transit Oriented Development (formerly known as the Area 2 project). This project area includes 233 acres of land that has contained various industrial, manufacturing, chemical processing and salt production facilities since the early twentieth century. Newark today envisions a transit oriented community built next to a Dumbarton Commuter Rail station. The hope is for a neighborhood that takes advantage of its transit investment to facilitate alternative commutes, dramatically increase pedestrian mobility and to take full advantage of its location and surrounding open space resources. This will create a high quality of life community that is both unique and seamlessly integrates into the existing Newark community. Complete information on this ongoing project can be found here.

Planning Areas 3 and 4 This is an approximately 950 acre site located in southwest Newark and is generally bounded by Mowry Avenue on the north, Cherry Street on the east, Stevenson Boulevard on the south, and salt flats on the west. Planned uses for this area include an 18-hole golf course, approximately 1,200 housing units of various densities, and elementary school, open space wetland mitigation areas, as well as retention of existing light industrial, institutional, and City Fire Station, park, and community center uses. A complete history of this project including reports, plan alternatives, and information on upcoming meetings can be found here.