Home Based Business

Any business in the City of Newark operating from a residential location, such as a house, apartment, or condominium, are required to submit a business license application and home occupation permit. Any Newark business that does not have a commercial storefront, office, retail or industrial location is considered to be a home-based business, even if the sales or services are performed on the Internet or outside the residence.

Code Enforcement approval is required prior to issuance of business license. The purpose of a home occupation permit is to ensure that those uses permitted under the permit do not cause unfavorable effects on adjacent properties. Regulations are imposed on the permit to preserve the character and quality of the residential neighborhood in which the use is conducted.

Post office boxes, whether U.S. or private, can only be used as mailing addresses and cannot be registered as business locations. In addition, rented storage facilities may not be used as your business location. 

Please allow approximately 10 Business Days for review and approval of your application. Incomplete applications will delay the approval process of your application.

Required Forms:

Business License Application
Business License Fee Schedule

Home Occupation Permit Application